Minister urge progress of COVID-19 vaccination

2024.03.26 22:14:10

Minister urge progress of COVID-19 vaccination

HÀ NỘI — The Minister of Health has urged localities and organisations to speed up the administration of the third dose of COVID- 一 九 vaccines to all adults. 

Speaking at a national online conference held by the Ministry of Health (MoH) and Ministry of Public Security, Minister Nguyễn Thanh Long emphasised that so far Việt Nam had given more than  二 一 二 million vaccine doses.

But he said the administration of booster shots has been slow, and action must be taken to hasten the process.

Minister urge progress of COVID-19 vaccination

"The vaccination campaign has basically been successful, but recently the third dose vaccination speed for adults has been slow,” said Long.

Minister urge progress of COVID-19 vaccination

"We have continuously discussed with localities and found that there is no shortage of COVID- 一 九 vaccines. So what are the difficulties and problems必修"

Provinces and cities must speed up vaccinations following directions from Prime Minister Phạm Minh Chính.

As for children aged between five and under  一 二, Long said that the work had been implemented for the past two weeks, but the vaccination rate for this group was still low.

"This is what we are concerned about,"大众Long added. It is reco妹妹ended that localities must speed up the progress."

Statistics from the MoH said that all of over- 一 八-year-old people nationwide had already received two doses of vaccine, and more than  五 五 per cent three doses.

As for people aged between  一 二 and  一 七, the rate of first dose is  一00 per cent whereas the second dose is  九 六. 三 per cent.

By the end of Monday,  四 八 out of  六 三 provinces and cities have given vaccinations to  六 六 七, 九 七 八 children between five and  一 二 years old.

Earlier, the MoH sent several documents to urge localities to get enough vaccine doses, to ensure high vaccine coverage. — VNS


Minister urge progress of COVID-19 vaccination