Out of Water eXperience

The Pie Shop, 1339 H St NE, Washington, DC 20002

Piramid Scheme comes together to deliver glam, garage, and rock & roll. You can count on their set digging into their debut EP, "Get Rich Quick Too" (Tall Short Records) as well as selected gems from a new EP to be released... right around the time of this show! Let's have a party, with pie! https://www.piramidscheme.com/

The Out of Water Experience hails from the Charm City, and will be playing their take on high intensity alt-rock and prog-hip-hop (think Rage Against the Machine meets The Roots). The animated, unorthodox, British born Nigerian spoken word artist, Femi the Drifish formed the band in 2011... and the music pairs well with pie! https://www.anartkeymusic.com/

Since 2013, Capital Offender has delivered a steady dose of face-melting, high-energy rock'n'roll with a hard punk influence. To read their real, unsolicited reviews is to encounter such phrases as "amazing talent" and "great song" and "more pie please!"